No Longer Quiet

I’ve been quiet for a while.

Although I’m referring to being “quiet” in terms of written words, I’ve probably been quiet in a lot of ways. I have been quiet about what I feel and what I believe. I’ve been quiet about how I feel about others.

I’m writing tonight because I don’t think I want to be quiet anymore. I can’t promise that I will start blogging regularly again; I can’t guarantee this post will be followed by many more in the following weeks. But I can say that I want more than anything to be more real. I want to be more honest. I want to be unafraid to tell others how special and loved they are. I want to be brave enough to overcome the stigma that surrounds mental illness by speaking out about it. I want to boldly share how God is working in my life. I want to have the courage to say “I was wrong, and I am so very sorry.”

The truth is, I can do these things. I am empowered by the strength given to me by my heavenly Father. No matter how tired or weak I am, he is strong. And because he is strong, I can live, and I can choose not to be quiet.

I am thinking maybe I will turn this into a series of entries. Maybe I will write a few entries in an effort to kick start my non-quiet transformation.

The truth is, God has been working in me lately in such huge ways, and I literally CAN’T be quiet about it. He never ceases to amaze me, and I am really reminded tonight that he never gives up on us. He is fighting for me, and I am seeing the reality of that everywhere. It would be wrong for me to take all that he has given me and shown me and just be quiet about it.

This is me, a quiet person, stepping out on a limb and deciding to no longer be quiet. Because I am worth more than keeping things inside. And you deserve to know that you are loved and important. And you deserve to know that he is fighting for me and you both.

Much (unquiet) love to you all.


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