Who I am and who I've been- the two things that I'm holding in;
Too scared to speak, too tired and weak;
Too terrified you'll turn and leave

All the promises and all the wishes,
No one's cleaning up my dirty dishes.
Want to know what I do and what I've done?
You may as well start to run.

For who I am and what I do
May come as a surprise to you.
I'm not how I seem, I'm not what I say
I'm worried you'll look and then turn away.

You size me up, you look at me
But do you really see who I am and what I want to be?

Rooted in love, planted like a tree.
Plagued with sadness, odd as it may be.
Scared a lot, but I'm not through.
Am I worth a second glance to you?

Just give me a chance,
Let me try to prove
These words are mine to use.

I've made my choice,
I've found my way.
I know who I serve at the end of the day.


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