the fight

SATAN wants you to believe that you are nothing, worth nothing.  He wants you to believe that you’ve done nothing but sin, that you are full of evil, consumed by darkness. The battle is fighting these lies, and allowing the truth that your heart knows to fully entrap your mind. Sometimes, lives are tragically lost while fighting the battle for truth. Some fight this battle with the help of others; most fight it alone. It’s a battle of heart over mind. My heart knows that I have worth and that I am loved, but my mind wanders….my mind thinks of ideas it shouldn’t even be able to conceive. It tries to tell me that they are good ideas- ideas that should be executed. But I must fight. Right?

RIGHT. Because this world and these people around us were not wonderfully made for no reason or purpose. There is something at work here that is so much more than we could ever comprehend. If we don’t fight, then we won’t be able to see the beauty that exists in every ounce of brokenness our world will face. We think that pain is unnecessary…but without pain there would be no healing. Without suffering, there would be no redemption. We would be living in a static existence of apathy. And the only thing worse than pain is apathy–the absence of any feeling or emotion.

So we fight. Because it’s worth it whether or not realize it in our moments of weakness.

We MUST fight.


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