shake the dust

I am so extremely blessed. I love to see the ways that God works in my life. I was fortunate enough this past weekend to be able to attend the MOVE conference that I referenced in my last entry below. Thank you so much to all of you who supported me and helped me to get there! It was a huge blessing, and I learned a lot and gained a lot of valuable insight. I’ll be using the things I learned and heard for the rest of my life.

I’ll be writing about different things that happened this weekend for probably several weeks because it impacted me so much. But for this entry I mostly wanted to post a link to a video I had seen before I went to the conference, but they showed it again to us there.

The video is a clip of a poet named Anis Mojgani performing a poem of his live at an annual event TWLOHA holds called Heavy and Light. I’ve actually never seen anyone perform an original poem before so I thought this was cool just because of that…but beyond that, once I started to let Anis’ words sink in the truth in them became very real to me. It’s called “Shake the Dust”, and his words are brave and bold. I could watch this every day. This reminds me that we are all the same. I’m no better that the “celibate pedophile that continues to struggle”. So often we place ourselves on a level higher (or even lower) than other human beings, thinking we are either more or less capable of greatness than they may be. This is completely untrue, and the moment we fully understand this, we have an opportunity to “shake the dust” and really get things done.

I hope you watch this video more than once and let his words sink in. Shake the dust from your feet and open the door. Be brave and bold enough to be honest about yourself and your struggles. Empower others to be honest, and make yourself available to serve others. Walk the journey of this life together with others. No one deserves to be left out or left behind.

Shake the Dust.


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