another shot at this blog thing

So, I’m giving this blog thing another shot. I tend to start these things, and then get tired of them and disconnect them. I would say this blog is back by popular demand, but really it’s just back by one demand (shout out to LC). I think this time I don’t really care if I have a lot of readers. Because I write to express what I’m feeling. And if someone else gets something out of it, cool. If not, oh well. I still expressed myself. So that’s that.

For my first post, a video from an organization very dear to my heart. TWLOHA, or To Write Love on Her Arms. I will probably write about it a lot, because I think it is awesome and has unbelievable potential. This video is simply a quick intro video to an annual event they put on called Heavy and Light. But it’s so full of reality and truth we would all benefit from facing and admitting everyday. So enjoy it, believe it, embrace it.

Welcome back to the blog world, lace.



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